VLDB 2018 Travel Support Application

Travel grants provide financial support to students and faculties affiliated with universities with limited funding opportunities with a strong focus on universities in developing countries to attend the VLDB 2018 conference to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 27th to 31st August 2018 (http://vldb2018.lncc.br/).

The long-term goal of the program is to encourage talented young scientists to pursue a career in database research. The VLDB Travel Support Program provides 10 grants funded by the VLDB Endowment SPEND Committee. These will allow free registration and provide an additional amount of US$1,500 toward other costs such as travel and lodging. Recipients of the travel support are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including health insurance, if necessary.

Additionally, the National Science Foundation NSF, is giving travel support for 14 deserving US-students. The support will be similar in nature to the SPEND Committee grants - it will provide up to $1500 towards travel, lodging and registration. Please note that successful applicants of the NSF-funded travel support are obliged to use US-flag airline carriers for traveling and will be required to deliver a short written report after the conference.


For VLDB SPEND Committee grants:

Applicants must be full-time students in good standing (graduate or undergraduate), or postdoctoral fellows/researchers, or faculty members who either are

  • affiliated with universities that do not already have considerable presence at VLDB conferences or
  • have a paper at the conference (or associated events).

For NSF-funded travel support:

Applicants must be US full-time students in good standing (graduate or undergraduate) who either are

  • affiliated with US-universities that do not already have considerable presence at VLDB conferences or
  • have a paper at the conference (or associated events).

Applicants for either of the offered travel support must explicitly state that they do not have any other funding to attend. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate keen interest in database research and are from regions that are under-represented in the database community; presenting a paper accepted at the main conference or the workshops in VLDB 2018 is welcome but not mandatory.


Applicants should fill out the form following the link:


By June 11, 2018. Applicants must also have a nominator (faculty advisor for student applicants, or senior faculty member or department head for faculty applicants), who will fill the form following the link:


Additionally, nominators are kindly asked to send an extra email from their personal email-account to: vldbtravelgrant@gmail.com before June 11, 2018 with the subject line of the email being "VLDB 2018 Travel Support Nomination for " in which they confirm their nomination of the applicant. Should you have any problems with opening the links or filling the forms, please contact us via: vldbtravelgrant@gmail.com

Please note: Applications of US students will be automatically assessed regarding the NSF-funded travel grant. US-students do not need to follow a separate application process.

Selected candidates will be informed by June 25, 2018. Persons applying for the VLDB travel support are advised to not register before hearing from us (or on July 1, 2018, if for some reason you don't hear from us by then), since the travel support includes free registration; note that the early registration deadline is July 1, 2018.

Divy Agrawal, Bin Cui, Juliana Freire, Wolfgang Lehner, Sharad Mehrotra

SPEND Committee, VLDB Endowment