One of the urban myths that surrounds Brazil and can put people off a visit is the question of safety and security. In fact, Brazil, including the main cities of Rio, Salvador and São Paulo, is no more dangerous than anywhere in Europe or North America and violent crimes against tourists or foreign visitors are extremely rare, hence the headlines if they do happen. Brazil is also politically stable with no natural enemies and no terrorist activities. Being sensible and streetwise is the key to a trouble free and enjoyable stay in Brazil. However, just like in London, Paris, New York or any other major metropolitan and tourist center, petty crime in Brazil is an unfortunate fact of life. The crime tourists are most likely to fall victim to in Brazilian cities is robbery and the target of most petty pilfering is the bag. If a bag is left unattended, the chances are that somebody else will try to pick it up. The simple solution is that visitors can’t get robbed if they’ve got nothing with them to be stolen.

Always leave travelers checks, passports, air tickets and alike in the hotel safe deposit box. Visitors should however carry some form of ID, such as a photocopy of their passports, with them at all times.

“Do ́s & Don’t ́s”

Don’t ́s

  • leave your bag unattended.
  • put your wallet in your back pocket on the outside pocket of a bag.
  • walk in unlit areas at night.
  • wear flashy jewelry in the street, even if it is fake.
  • take more than you need to the beach.
  • take drugs or get involved with them.
  • think that you are a better swimmer than the Brazilians.
  • think it can’t happen to you


  • put your money, passport and ticket in the safe deposit box of your hotel.
  • take cabs rather than buses.
  • ask policemen for help if you need it.
  • ask your hotel for information. They know most of the answers.
  • call our emergency number if you have any problem avoid crushes.
  • act like a traveler rather than a tourist.
  • have a good time.
  • be sensible.