PhD Papers

  • Auditing DBMSes through Forensic Analysis

    James Wagner (DePaul University)

  • Relating educational materials via extraction of their topics

    Márcio Saraiva (University of Campinas)

  • Progressive Indices : Indexing Without Prejudice

    Pedro Holanda (CWI)

  • Vecstra: An Efficient and Scalable Geospatial In-Memory Cache

    Yiwen Wang (University of Copenhagen)

  • Integrating Analytics with Relational Databases

    Mark Raasveldt (CWI)

  • Parameter Curation and Data generation for Benchmarking Multi-model Queries

    Chao Zhang (University of Helsinki)

  • Dynamic Database Operator Scheduling for Processing-in-Memory

    Tiago Kepe (UFPR)

  • Multi-Core Allocation Model for Database Systems

    Simone Dominico (UFPR)

  • Workload-Aware Discovery of Integrity Constraints for Data Cleaning

    Eduardo Pena (UTFPR)

  • Unsupervised Ensembles for Outlier Detection

    Guilherme Campos (UFMG)

  • Spatial Indexing on Flash-Based Solid State Drives

    Anderson Chaves Carniel (University of São Paulo)

  • Capitalizing on Hierarchical Graph Decomposition for Scalable Network Analysis

    Rakhi Saxena (Deshbandhu College)

  • Detecting Spatial Clusters of Infection Risk with Geo-Located Social Media Data

    Roberto Souza (UFMG)

  • Reducing the Footprint of Main Memory HTAP Systems: Removing, Compressing, Tiering, and Ignoring Data

    Martin Boissier (Hasso Plattner Institute)

  • Self-Driving: From General Purpose to Specialized DBMSs

    Jan Kossmann (Hasso Plattner Institute)