List of Accepted Demonstrations:


  • A collaborative framework for tweaking properties in a synthetic dataset

    Jiangwei Zhang (National University of Singapore), Y.C. Tay (National University of Singapore), Yu Wang (National University of Singapore)

  • A Demonstration of PERC: Probabilistic Entity Resolution With Crowd Errors

    Xiangyu Ke (Nanyang Technological University), Michelle Teo (Nanyang Technological University), Arijit Khan (Nanyang Technological University) Vijaya Krishna Yalavarthi (Nanyang Technological University)

  • CDB: A Crowd-Powered Database System

    Guoliang Li (Tsinghua University), Chengliang Chai (Tsinghua University), Ju Fan (Renmin University of China), Xueping Weng (Tsinghua University), Jian Li (Tsinghua University), Yudian Zheng (Twitter), Yuanbing Li (Tsinghua University), Xiang Yu (Tsinghua DBgroup), Xiaohang Zhang (Tsinghua University), Haitao Yuan (Tsinghua University)

  • Declarative and distributed graph analytics with GRADOOP

    Martin Junghanns (University of Leipzig), Max Kießling (University of Leipzig), Niklas Teichmann (University of Leipzig), Kevin Gómez (University of Leipzig), André Petermann (University of Leipzig), Erhard Rahm (University of Leipzig)

  • Dhalion in Action: Automatic Management of Streaming Applications

    Avrilia Floratou (Microsoft), Ashvin Agrawal (Microsoft)

  • Fault-Tolerance for Distributed Iterative Dataflows in Action

    Chen Xu (TU Berlin), Rudi Poepsel Lemaitre (TU Berlin), Juan Soto (TU Berlin), Volker Markl (TU Berlin)

  • HYDRA: A Dynamic Big Data Regenerator

    Anupam Sanghi (Indian Institute of Science), Raghav Sood (Indian Institute of Science), Dharmendra Singh (Indian Institute of Science), Jayant Haritsa (Indian Institute of Science), Srikanta Tirthapura (Iowa State Univ., USA)

  • iSPEED: an Scalable and Distributed In-Memory Based Spatial Query System for Large and Structurally Complex 3D Data

    Yanhui Liang (Stony Brook University), Hoang Vo (Stony Brook University), Jun Kong (Emory University), Fushen Wang (Stony Brook University)

  • MSQL+: a Plugin Toolkit for Similarity Search under Metric Spaces in Distributed Relational Database Systems

    Wei Lu (RUC), Xinyi Zhang (Renmin University of China), Zhe Peng (Renmin Universtiy of China), Xiao Zhang (Renmin University of China), Xiaoyong Du (Renmin University of China), Hao Huang (Wuhan University), Xiaoyu Wang (Tencent Inc., China), Haixiang Li (Tencent Inc., China), Anqun Pan (Tencent Inc., China)

  • OctopusFS in Action: Tiered Storage Management for Data Intensive Computing

    Elena Kakoulli (Cyprus University of Technology), Nikolaos Karmiris (Cyprus University of Technology), Herodotos Herodotou (Cyprus University of Technology)

  • Scalable and Efficient Data Analytics and Mining with Lemonade

    Walter Santos (UFMG), Gustavo Avelar (UFMG), Manoel Horta Ribeiro (UFMG), Dorgival Guedes (UFMG), Wagner Meira Jr. (UFMG)

  • SkinnerDB: Regret-Bounded Query Evaluation via Reinforcement Learning

    Immanuel Trummer (Cornell University), Samuel Moseley (Cornell University), Joseph Antonakakis (Cornell University), Deepak Maram (Cornell University), Saehan Jo (Cornell University)


  • CoreKG: a Knowledge Lake Service

    Amin Beheshti (Macquarie University), Boualem Benatallah (University of New South Wales, Australia), Reza Nouri (University of New South Wales, Australia), Alireza Tabebordbar (University of New South Wales, Australia)

  • CYADB: A Database that Covers Your Ask

    Zechao Shang (University of Chicago), Will Brackenbury (University of Chicago), Aaron Elmore (University of Chicago), Michael Franklin (University of Chicago)

  • DataStorm-FE: A Data- and Decision-Flow and Coordination Engine for Coupled Simulation Ensembles

    Hans Behrens (Arizona State University), K. Selçuk Candan (Arizona State University)

  • DfAnalyzer: Runtime Dataflow Analysis of Scientific Applications using Provenance

    Vítor Sousa (COPPE / UFRJ), Daniel Oliveira (UFF, Brazil), Marta Mattoso (COPPE - Federal Univ. Rio de Janeiro), Patrick Valduriez (INRIA)

  • Helix: Accelerating Human-in-the-loop Machine Learning

    Doris Xin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Litian Ma (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Jialin Liu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Stephen Macke (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Shuchen Song (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Aditya Parameswaran (University of Illinois)

  • NLProveNAns: Natural Language Provenance for Non-Answers

    Amir Gilad (Tel Aviv University), Daniel Deutch (Tel Aviv University), Nave Frost (Tel Aviv University), Tomer Haimovich (Tel Aviv University)

  • Provenance Summaries for Answers and Non-Answers

    Seokki Lee (Illinois Institute of Technology), Bertram Ludaescher (University of Illinois), Boris Glavic (Illinois Institute of Technology)

  • ProvSQL:Provenance and Probability Management in PostgreSQL

    Pierre Senellart (ENS), Louis Jachiet (ENS), Silviu Maniu (Universite Paris-Sud), Yann Ramusat (ENS)

  • QuestPro: Queries in SPARQL Through Provenance

    Amir Gilad (Tel Aviv University), Daniel Deutch (Tel Aviv University), Efrat Abramovitz (Tel Aviv University)

  • REGAL+: Reverse Engineering SPJA Queries

    Wei Chit Tan (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Meihui Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology), Hazem Elmeleegy (Amobee), Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Research)

  • RuDiK: Rule Discovery in Knowledge Bases

    Paolo Papotti (EURECOM), Stefano Ortona (University of Oxford), Venkata Vamsikrishna Meduri (Arizona State University)

  • X2Q: Your Personal Example-based Graph Explorer

    Matteo Lissandrini (University of Trento), Davide Mottin (HPI), Themis Palpanas (Paris Descartes University), Yannis Velegrakis (University of Trento)


  • A Demonstration of MAGiQ: Matrix Algebra Approach for Solving RDF Graph Queries

    Fuad Jamour (KAUST), Ibrahim Abdelaziz (KAUST), Panos Kalnis (KAUST)

  • CloudMatcher: A Hands-Off Cloud/Crowd Service for Entity Matching

    Yash Govind (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Erik Paulson (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Palaniappan Nagarajan (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Paul Suganthan G C (University of Wisconsin - Madison), AnHai Doan (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Youngchoon Park (Johnson Controls), Glenn Fung (American Family Insurance), Devin Conathan (American Family Insurance), Marshall Carter (American Family Insurance), Mingju Sun (American Family Insurance)

  • ConnectionLens: Finding Connections Across Heterogeneous Data Sources

    Camille Chanial (Ecole Polytechnique), Rédouane Dziri (Ecole Polytechnique), Helena Galhardas (INESC-ID and IST), Julien Leblay (AIST), Minh-Huong Le Nguyen (Ecole Polytechnique), Ioana Manolescu (INRIA Saclay, France)

  • FASTER: An Embedded Concurrent Key-Value Store for State Management

    Badrish Chandramouli (Microsoft Research), Guna Prasaad (University of Washington), Donald Kossmann (Microsoft Research), Justin Levandoski (Microsoft Research), James Hunter (Microsoft Research), Mike Barnett (Microsoft Research)

  • GC: A Graph Caching System for Subgraph/Supergraph Queries

    Jing Wang (Beihang University), Zichen Liu (ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Shuai Ma (Beihang University), Nikos Ntarmos (University of Glasgow), Peter Triantafillou (University of Warwick)

  • Koko: A System for Scalable Semantic Querying of Text

    Xiaolan Wang (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Jiyu Komiya (Recruit Institute of Technology), Yoshihiko Suhara (Recruit Institute of Technology), Aaron Feng (Recruit Institute of Technology), Behzad Golshan (Recruit Institute of Technology), Alon Halevy (Recruit USA), Wang-Chiew Tan (Recruit Institute of Technology)

  • PANDA: A System for Partial Topology-based Search on Large Networks

    Miao Xie (Nanyang Technological University), Sourav S Bhowmick (Nanyang Technological University), Hao Su (Nanyang Technological University), Gao Cong (Nanyang Technological Univesity), Wook-Shin Han (POSTECH)

  • PTRider: A Price-and-Time-Aware Ridesharing System

    Lu Chen (Zhejiang University), Yunjun Gao (Zhejiang University, China), Zixian Liu (Zhejiang University), Xiaokui Xiao (National University of Singapore), Christian Jensen (Aalborg University), Yifan Zhu (Zhejiang University)

  • Sherlock: A System for Interactive Summarization of Large Text Collections

    Avinesh P.V.S. (TU Darmstadt), Carsten Binnig (TU Darmstadt), Benjamin Hättasch (TU Darmstadt), Christian Meyer (TU Darmstadt), Orkan Oezyurt (TU Darmstadt)

  • The return of JedAI: End-to-End Entity Resolution for Structured and Semi-Structured Data

    George Papadakis (University of Athens), Leonidas Tsekouras (NCSR "Demokritos"), Emmanouil Thanos (University of Leuven), George Giannakopoulos (IIT Demokritos), Themis Palpanas (Paris Descartes University), Manolis Koubarakis (University of Athens, Greece)

  • Tooling Framework for Instantiating Natural Language Querying System

    Manasa Jammi (IBM Research AI), Jaydeep Sen (IBM Research AI), Ashish Mittal (IBM Research AI), Sagar Verma (IIIT Delhi), Vardaan Pahuja (University of Montreal), Rema Ananthanarayanan (IBM Research AI), Pranay Lohia (IBM Research - India), Hima Karanam (IBM Research AI), Diptikalyan Saha (IBM Research AI), Karthik Sankaranarayanan (IBM Research)

  • TRIPS: A System for Translating Raw Indoor Positioning Data into Visual Mobility Semantics

    Huan Li (Zhejiang University), Hua Lu (Aalborg University), Feichao Shi (Zhejiang University), Gang Chen (Zhejiang University), Ke Chen (Zhejiang University), Lidan Shou (Zhejiang University)


  • A Demonstration of Sterling: A Privacy-Preserving Data Marketplace

    Nick Hynes (UC Berkeley), Raymind Cheng (UC Berkeley), Noah Johnson (UC Berkeley), David Dao (ETH Zurich), Dawn Song (UC Berkeley)

  • A Demonstration of the OtterTune Automatic Database Management System Tuning Service

    Bohan Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University), Dana Van Aken (Carnegie Mellon University), Andrew Pavlo (Carnegie Mellon University), Geoffrey Gordon (Carnegie Mellon University), Justin Wang (Carnegie Mellon University), Tao Dai (Carnegie Mellon University), Shuli Jiang (Carnegie Mellon University), Jacky Lao (Carnegie Mellon University), Siyuan Sheng (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Collaborative Edge and Cloud Neural Networks for Real-Time Video Processing

    Philipp Grulich (UC Santa Cruz), Faisal Nawab (UC Santa Cruz)

  • ConTPL: Controlling Temporal Privacy Leakage in Differentially Private Continuous Data Release

    Yang Cao (Emory University), Li Xiong (Emory University), Masatoshi Yoshikawa (Kyoto University), Yonghui Xiao (Google), Si Zhang (University of Calgary)

  • Discovering Diversified Paths in Knowledge Bases

    Christian Aebeloe (Aalborg University), Gabriela Montoya (Aalborg University), Vinay Setty (University of Stavanger), Katja Hose (Aalborg University)

  • in Action: Towards Multi-tenant Declarative Learning Services

    Bojan Karlaš (ETH Zürich), Ji Liu (University of Rochester), Wentao Wu (Microsoft Research), Ce Zhang (ETH)

  • GOLDRUSH: Rule Sharing System for Fraud Detection

    Ariel Jarovsky (Tel Aviv University), Tova Milo (Tel Aviv University), Slava Novgorodov (Tel Aviv University), Wang-Chiew Tan (Recruit Institute of Technology)

  • HypDB: A Demonstration of Detecting, Explaining and Resolving Bias in OLAP queries

    Babak Salimi (University of Washington), Dan Suciu (University of Washington), Johannes Gehrke (Microsoft)

  • Learning Efficiently Over Heterogeneous Databases

    Jose Picado (Oregon State University), Arash Termehchy (Oregon State University), Sudhanshu Pathak (Oregon State University)

  • Maverick: A System for Discovering Exceptional Facts from Knowledge Graphs

    Gensheng Zhang (The University of Texas at Arlington), Chengkai Li (The University of Texas at Arlington)

  • MustaCHE: A Multiple Clustering Hierarchies Explorer

    Antonio Cavalcante Araujo Neto (University of Alberta), Mario Nascimento (University of Alberta), Joerg Sander (University of Alberta), Ricardo Campello (James Cook University, Australia)

  • ShapeSearch: Flexible Pattern-based Querying of Trend Line Visualizations

    Tarique Siddiqui (UIUC), Paul Luh (UIUC), Zesheng Wang (UIUC), Karrie Karahalios (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Aditya Parameswaran (University of Illinois)